I’ve been working as a 3D modeler for about five weeks now, and everytime I need to do interior designs, I would sometimes try to get ideas from the Net on which furniture and lamps to use for the model. Of course, creating 3D models would be far easier if I have a photo of an object I wish to model, rather than to create one without any reference photo. With reference photos, I get an idea of the approximate sizing or dimensions of the object, so it’s easier to visualize if the object will fit into the scene I’m trying to make.

As advised by one of my employers, I check out some specific furniture-makers’ websites to see the things they offer to clients and designers. But that’s when I have a lot of time on my hands. When pressed for time, I would rely on a online shopping site to find appropriate furniture and lighting fixtures. By appropriate I mean furniture that are used for specific rooms or spaces. So far, I’ve been assigned to model bedrooms and living spaces, so I need to look for attractive beds, lamps, and armchairs.  Looking through online shopping websites is, in my opinion, quite practical and time-saving, since I know the things I see online are readily available in the market. Should my employers or the clients ask about the furniture I’ve included in the model scene, I can tell them right away where to find them. They can check the details and pricing of the furniture at their leisure, and even browse other pages if they would prefer something else. Now that I think of it, I realize that the Internet has become such a valuable place for us 3D modelers. Don’t you think so?