I’m not really into trendy music (by that I mean songs that have become mainstream now), so I don’t know what new singles are out there right now. After having seen The Sorcerer’s Apprentice a few weeks back, the theme song “Secrets” by OneRepublic remains in my head. The nice tune and lyrics really got me hooked to the song.

Somehow I find it interesting that theme songs (or any song in the OST) can somehow make or break a movie.┬áIf the theme song is memorable, people would most likely associate the song with the film, thereby never letting people forget the movie. So far, I can remember a few movies (most are my favorites) just because I find the theme songs memorable—Anastasia, Beauty and the Beast, If Only, Sound of Music, The Phantom of the Opera, 13 Going on 30—and the list goes on. And I’d like to think it works the other way around, too—that songs have become memorable just because of a movie I’ve seen.