I actually want to write about a lot of stuff, but since I’m still on my sembreak, I just want to enjoy my free time doing anything without my dad scolding me. Haha! Well, I basically spent much of my break surfing the Net, going to malls to shop and hang out, attending conventions (including PICCA Fest and Komikon), reading comics and Japanese manga, downloading and watching Glee and 90210 Season 2, and so on. I’m having a blast, really. I wasn’t required to think about my thesis more than necessary–I still think about it every now and then, but at least it’s not the only thing occupying my mind. XD I barely gave a thought to it for the past two weeks, which is why I’m sure I’ve got my work cut out for me when I go back to school on Thursday. Oh well. At least I have time to enjoy my birthday, since classes will just have started by then. =p

Anyways, not writing on WP doesn’t mean I’ve nothing new to share. My multiply page have new albums, which I often put short descriptions of the event or activities. You can check out my multiply page to see the new photos (but you’ll have to be my contact in order to gain access–security reasons). =) Knowing full well that anything I post online can be accessed and seen by anyone, so I limit distribution to only my close friends, family, and acquaintances. I don’t want some unknown person claiming my works (especially the really nice practice shots) to be theirs. Plagiarism is a messy issue.

Anyway. An update on my thesis—I managed to get a few new data which I can add to the book–statistics and stuff. But I haven’t gotten around to editing my book. Perhaps tomorrow? I shall savor the remaining days of sembreak before I go back to the unpleasant, sleepless nights because of thesis. I’ve enrolled for three subjects this coming semester, so I guess I have more time to work on my thesis. Sadly, my GWA didn’t make it to 1.75, so I’ll have to say goodbye to my dream of graduating as cum laude. T.T Well, I never wanted to believe it so, but I suppose it’s better to accept it now than later. At least I have time to get accustomed to that fact. The only consolation I get is the knowledge that my semestral grade last sem was 1.36-something-something. It’s the highest semestral grade I ever got during my 4-1/2 years in college. XD Plus the fact that I got a flat 1.0 on Statistics–a Math subject! I was really surprised by that, but of course, I exerted extra effort on that. I even er–arbored my brother’s current Statistics book just to study the lessons. XD It was such a wonderful blessing to me, considering I’ve never really liked Math before. I realize now that graduating with honors is pretty much the same as graduating without–what matters is that I graduated, knowing I did the best I could, in the way I knew how. Well–that phrase sounds odd, even to me, but that’s exactly how I feel right now. Now I’ve only got two months left–if our thesis adviser would get her way–to work on my architectural drawings. I just hope I’ll survive through the next two months. XD