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An “A” for A-Team

I really wasn’t planning to watch a movie today, since I just wanted to stay home, rest, and enjoy the long weekend. When our dad “sort of” dropped a hint (well, that’s how I interpreted his asking where my cousins were going for the afternoon), I knew I just had to tell my brothers to convince our dad to go out and watch a movie. My younger brother wanted to watch A-Team, a movie which I had been waiting for but I had no idea it was already out in the cinemas. After a “pleading” act from my brothers (hehe), our dad agreed to our plan. Our dad doesn’t really like going out very often, since he thinks going to the movies cost a little too expensive (and meaningless). But since one of our cousins sponsored our movie-going escapade today with the Citibank promo, dad was a lot more comfortable with the idea of watching a movie.

We had dinner at Penang Hill (a Malay-Asian restaurant) before the movie—the food at Penang Hill was great (will try to blog about the food experience some other time). When we entered the cinema, the trailers had already started playing. I actually make it a point to be early for the movies so I can watch the trailers, but this time I only managed to catch a few—Knight and Day, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Inception… I forgot the rest. XD

Okay, now for the real review for A-Team. From the trailer alone, I was aware that it’s a pure-action movie, a genre that I’m not really into. But A-Team is one of those action movies that don’t get too violent or too boring over time. It has a good blend of humor, cleverness and wit, subtle romance, action, and drama. Chances are, if you’ve visited the Wikipedia page of A-Team (even now, I still haven’t!), you’d already know the story. But I would love to watch the film a second time; I enjoyed that movie that much, just as I liked Prince of Persia (because Jake’s so cute).

Below is my short and incomplete analysis of A-Team. There are details about the movie contents, so if you don’t wish to read the spoilers, you can stop reading here. My conclusion for the movie is an “A.” Dialogues, sound effects, and cinematography are amazing. I definitely loved the actors as well—they were great.






*Spoiler Alert* – The following text may contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie (but you are planning to), I suggest you don’t read it now. Perhaps when you’ve finished watching the movie?







The tag line for the posters for A-Team is “There is no Plan B,” which sums up how clever the characters were. Hannibal Smith’s plans are so precise, detailed, crazy, and ultimately, effective. His well-thought out plans are executed to the dot. At the moment it sounds all-too-unrealistic, but if you analyze the way they operate, they’re all simply geniuses (in their own way, of course). The members of A-Team adapt well into their situation, especially when things don’t go as planned.

One of my favorite things in the movie is the strong bond and close relationship between the members of A-Team. They implicitly trust each other; it’s as if they know A-Team would rescue them when something goes wrong in their operation. Of course, when they all met for the first time, they had doubts on each other’s abilities, but since their first mission, they had formed a deep and lasting bond (even prison couldn’t separate them forever). Their differing personalities totally complementary. There’s Hannibal, who is the head of A-Team—the serious and collected thinker who develops the plan for their mission. Then there’s Faceman Peck, a smart, flirty ladies’ man. B.A. Baracus, is the hot-headed big guy of the group, who totally hates flying. H. M. Murdock, meanwhile, is a quiet but skilled pilot who has a loose screw in his head. The coolest (not to mention the funniest) scenes, I think, in the movie are those that include Murdock flying planes and helicopters, and B.A.’s expressions upon discovery that Murdock will be piloting. But despite B.A.’s dislike of Murdock’s piloting skills, it’s only Murdock who can calm B.A. so quickly, just by offering to cook B.A.’s favorite dishes.

The cinematography, dialogues and sound effects are perfect, at least to me. The angles from which the scenes were taken were great; they made the film more dynamic than it already is. The spoken lines were just too funny to ignore. Here’s a list of some of the lines I tried to remember (may not be the accurate words):

“They’re trying to fly a tank.” —> Jessica Biel’s character. Where have you seen a flying tank?

“I forgot how beautiful you are.” —> from Faceman, a common yet effective punchline!

“First, there’s distraction, then diversion, and division.” —> Faceman again. I must admit, it makes sense.

“He’s a patient here.” —> a nurse from the hospital spoke of Murdock, who had just finished stitching up B.A.’s gun wound.

“You look very… tanned.” —> from Hannibal. He trapped Faceman in the tanning machine to help him escape from his maximum-security prison.

“Just when I got serious, you panicked, and you ran.” —> Faceman talking to his ex (Jessica Biel’s character).

That’s what I could remember so far. I wasn’t actively memorizing the lines throughout the movie. I wasn’t even planning to write a review until I started watching the film. XD The ending is somewhat open ended, I hope there’s a sequel for this or something. Or not. This movie is one great movie; it really cheered up my gloomy mood. The film drew out a lot of smiles and laughs from me, even from the inconsequential details.

As for the actors, I applaud them for doing such a great job. I saw Bradley Cooper for the first time in Alias, but he didn’t look as appealing as he did in A-Team. And oh—-his unusual-shade light blue eyes are to die for! He just looked so…. cute and cool! Liam Neeson did well; I didn’t know he could pull off a role like Hannibal Smith. He looked very different that I even mistook him as Harrison Ford! Quinton Jackson and Sharlto Copley I’m not familiar with, but their funny interactions were crazy! Copley’s attempt in pretending to be mentally ill in a psychiatric facility (just moments before he was “rescued” by the A-Team) was hilarious! Having the pretty Jessica Biel on set to add a small romance scene was great—she’s simply a good actress, is all. It’s refreshing to watch an action film that contains very little romance, such that the romance doesn’t necessarily affect the outcome of the story.

I’ll cut my review here, since I think I”ve already written about the important aspects of the movie that I really liked. =) Thanks for reading! ^^v


UP prof quotable quotes

Our sub (substitute) prof in ETAR shared a few of the so-called “UP Professors’ Quotable Quotes.” I searched for them online while on a break from thesis, and I reposted the funny ones (at least to me). XD The funniest ones to me are the first few ones.


“The human body is 70% water. Kaya wala kayong saysay lahat. Pag may kaaway ka, sabihin mo sa kanya, TUBIG KA LANG! TUBIG!” – Dr. Recio

“Deep Breathly…” -Prof. Sabado, PE

Class: Sir, sa exams po ba nagbibigay kayo ng partial points?
Prof: Hmm.. if i see partial wisdom

Terror prof after an exam (last day na din ng class..): “Ok class.. see you next sem!”

“Naku! Sikmuraan kita sa batok eh!”

“Oo, nagpapaulan ako ng uno. Bakit? Aanhin ko ba yun? Di naman ako yayaman dun.” – Sir Atoy Navarro (histo1)

“It’s okay to smoke inside my class. As long as you don’t breathe it out.” – Dr. Obsioma, Biodiversity

“Class, for your FYI..”

“Class, love is MASTICAL. MYSTICAL + MAGICAL = MASTICAL” -Prof. Tiamson, Spanish

“Bawal kang ma-pressure…hindi ka GAS.” and  “Bawal kang ma-excite…hindi ka ELECTRON.”

“I don’t give surprise long exams. all exams are announced. Halimbawa, Class, mageexam tayo, NGAYON NA!” – Ma’am Chei

“You may wear anything you want to wear. People are not supposed to be judged by the clothes they wear. Thus, wearing the latest fashion or one that belongs to the fashion archive does not really make a difference. Just make sure that you have the right to wear it. Spare the class of the agony of having to look at your clothes, no matter how good or sexy you think you are in that outfit, if reality tells otherwise.” – Sir Quilop, Polsci

“Ano bang natapos mo? Italian 8? Punyetissima!” – Sir Tiamson, Italian 11

Ma’am: Many people believe that we, psychology graduates can read minds…
Ma’am: Actually, we can.
Class: Weh…sample.
Ma’am: Right now, you think that I’m bluffing. – Ms. Chei Billedo (Psych)

“Do not live long enough to be worthless.” – Dr. David

One day pumasok ng room and prof, galit na galit. hinagis ang bag sa table, nagwawala sa harap ng room dahil hindi daw nasagot ng previous class niya ang question niya. kaya dapat daw masagot namin, ang makasagot may plus points. kapag walang makasagot, lagot kami. Ang tanong…. “Class, sinong lalaking artista dun sa TV show na wonder years?”

“Running for summa ka? Mapapagod ka lang.”

Si sir agapito..habang 2nd exam at malakas ang ulan..
“ang lakas ng ulan, ayos yan at least hindi halata pag umiiyak..”

“I do not know many. I only know enough to teach my classes.”

“Don’t take the bar and yourselves too seriously. Baka mabalitaan na lang namin na nag-o-oral summation kayo sa Luneta. O lumulutang-lutang sa Pasig River. Enjoy yourselves, relax, and read at least 15 hours a day. Nakakabobo ang sobrang tulog. Mag-relax ka habang nagbabasa. Mag-relax habang nagmememorize.”

“Ang hindi maka-100, bobo!”

“The more wisdom you obtain, the more you shut your mouth. This is because the more you learn, the more you realize that there are even more things that you do not know. The true mark of an idiot is a loud mouth and the true mark of a wise man is humility.” – Paraphrased galing kay PI100. (Best prof sa CAL.)

“You are laughing because you are looking at the viewpoint of ignorance. – history II prof

(Second to the last meeting) “Okay class, next week, we start the lecture proper.” – Ms. Vitriolo

“We do not accept anyone here in class except for those who are members of a certain minority group. For example, gays are part of a minority group. Bakla ka ba? If you admit to this class that you are gay, then I’ll admit you.” – Prof “Hail to the chair” (haha)

Student: Ma’am pwede po bang next week na kami mag-report?
Ma’am: Alam mo, God is good. And I am God. So yes, pwede next week.

(No one is reciting)
Prof: “Wag na mahiya, you have nothing to lose but your face..”
– Ma’am Cathy, Geol 11

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