The contents (blog entries) of this WordPress blog were all created by me, unless stated otherwise. This is a personal blog, an outlet of sort to an aspiring writer like I. I write about my interests and anything else that goes through my mind as truthfully as possible.

I may accept sponsored reviews from time to time, but I accept tasks that are of interest to me. If you find posts containing several links to a certain company or website, it’s possible that it’s a sponsored review/content. And do note that I’m not the sort to write outright lies about a certain company just to earn from get-paid-to-write sites. This started as a personal blog, where I voice out my feelings and opinions, and I intend to keep it that way. I do sponsored reviews just to “test the waters,” to see if I can really earn (even just a little) from this blog.

Having said that, thanks for dropping by my blog and reading my entries!