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tough laptops.

I saw a show on TV advertising (well, not exactly advertising, but more of introducing) a line of laptops by Panasonic which are oh-so-cool~! They were shown to be quite durable–shock-resistant and waterproof; and the space-saving dvd-rom looks nice. lolz. But of course, I haven’t seen the whole specs of it. Not that I’ll be buying a laptop anytime soon, but I’m always interested in what’s new in the tech market. XD

Panasonic Toughbook Y-5

Twinhead’s Durabook seems promising, too. N15RI looks like a “normal” laptop, somewhat hiding its durability features. hehe. D15RS seems great too, with a max RAM of 4Gb and Centrino processor.

Twinhead Durabook N15RI
Twinhead Durabook D15RS


net speed.

I’ve taken this speed test several times, and I took it again earlier today. I really thought our internet speed was only up to 384 Kbps, but the speed test shows that the speed is near twice what I thought it would be.

running softwares.

I love my newly-installed 2Gb RAM. haha. I can actually run AutoCAD, Windows Media Player, Firefox, Azureus, and YM simultaneously, whereas a few moments ago I could barely run AutoCAD. I purchased the RAM earlier today, and installed it a few minutes ago, when I finally decided to install the RAM by myself. Good thing I had installed ComputerCensus on my pc a few days ago, and I was able to acquire the model number of the motherboard without having to open the pc. And after thorough browsing for compatible RAMs for my current motherboard, I was able to finally know which type of RAM I needed to buy. But the RAM didn’t exactly come cheap, as there’s very few stocks of DDR1 type of RAM compared to DDR2. I would’ve wanted to get DDR2, but I’d have to replace motherboard and processor for that, and they all don’t come cheap either. >.<

I was still reluctant to get the RAM I needed, but my dad already gave me money, and he expected me to purchase the memory within the day. And so I bought 2 PQI 1Gb DDR400 RAM. I spent much of the afternoon working on my Design 6 CADD file, but I was so bothered by the slowness of the computer that I thought of installing the memory myself. I tried installing it a few hours ago, but gave up because I was afraid I’d ruin the new RAM. When Alder told me it was easy to install the RAM and that I could do it by myself, I attempted to install it again. It took me about ten minutes to actually install the first 1Gb RAM, but the second was much easier. Hehe. Now I have 2.25Gb of RAM to run a lot of programs without the worry that the pc would slow down. ^_^v

I could get used to this pc-upgrading thing. hehe.

s60 apps.

I’m not supposed to be blogging today, but I’m getting lazy to do school plates. I feel so sleepy after having done research at the library for English and Design. -_- zZzz… My brain could be mushy already for all I know, after reading through a lot of books. @_@

I’ve tinkered my 6600 again and filled it with new themes and killer apps, one of the new apps I installed is QReader, which is an ebook reader for Symbian. Ah~ I can finally read ebooks again while at school. I haven’t touched my iPaq since a few days ago. I just left it lying around in the bedroom until I figure out what to do with it.

uh oh.

I can’t believe my iPaq is giving up on me. After three years of using it occasionally, I finally got to put it in good use by reading my ebooks on it. But then something has gone wrong with one of the buttons, and I can’t open and read any of my .lit ebooks. Grrr. My only source of portable entertainment is gone. I don’t even know where to have it checked. I suddenly feel awful for not taking care of my iPaq by purchasing a hard casing. For the three years that the iPaq was in my possession, I never got around to buying a hard casing because it’s a bit difficult to find one that’s of exact fit with my iPaq. But hey, it’s wasn’t my choice to get an HP iPaq rz1710 (which, in my opinion, is already outdated). I specifically requested a Palm Zire 72 (with all its blue glory), but my mom purchased the iPaq instead of the Zire. I’m beginning to think the salesperson in the store was very much involved in persuading my mom to get the iPaq instead of what I wanted. And so I must suffer with an almost-obsolete rz1710.

Well, my iPaq served me well in some occasion, such as viewing and writing notes, making and keeping appointments, occasional playing of mp3, and finally, viewing of ebooks. I’m really confused on what to do about my iPaq now. I miss reading my ebooks (most of what I’ve downloaded are yet to be read. -_-;; ). Maybe someone out there knows where in Manila I can have my iPaq checked?

lazy little me.

I’m supposed to be doing my design research, but I’m bumming in my workroom, browsing for s60 apps. For some reason I really enjoy searching for coolness softwares for my 6600. I already found an NIV Bible for it, plus a dictionary (msdict pocket english, english-german and vice versa). Then I’ve downloaded coolness themes, a few games like Bounce and Lemonade. I’m beginning to revert to my technophile side. Hunting for softwares (free and legal, as much as possible. if such does not exist… well, you probably know what i’ll do next, hehe) is quite an enjoyment for me. Especially when it makes my current techie stuff seem high-tech or something.

I’m loving my n6600. Its primary purpose used to be only for sending SMS and taking photos, but after hunting for several “killer” apps, my phone is beginning to be a portable computer. But alas, my mmc card only has 32mb capacity that I could not transfer all the apps I’ve found in my phone. *sigh* But nonetheless, I’ve finally got an NIV Bible in it. Nyahaha. And I thought NIV Bible for s60 phones were non-existent. XD

I’ve uploaded the NIV Bible at 4shared. Click here to be redirected to my other blog, which contains an entry of where you can download the files for Nokia s60 phones.

tech stuff.

I feel quite giddy and happy today for several reasons. One of them is being able to use Photoshop CS2. It’s been a long time since I’ve used it for layout backgrounds. I checked a few tutorial sites for new techniques in Photoshop. I really like the tutorial about how to change a person’s eye color to a different one. Even my brothers liked it so much that they were laughing at their pictures, which I edited to try out the eye color change. The next thing I discovered was the fun in using different brushes I found over the net. I downloaded more than ten brush sets. The brush sets were so pretty that I had to download them. I tried several of them, of which yielded satisfactory results. I did a background for my friendster account and a custom header image for my wordpress blog (Actually, the friendster background came out so nice that I couldn’t stop looking at my friendster page. Haha).

Another reason why I’m quite happy is that I can finally get to use my Flash Professional 8 software. Ever since I installed it on the PC, I never got to actually use it on any project. And now I’ve one pending project. Well, actually it’s a request from Hsiao. She asked if I could make a Flash clip for the poem she wrote, and I agreed. She originally wanted to do the clip herself, but she didn’t get to finish it. So now I’m the one doing the clip, which I’m quite excited to start making—that is, if I can come up with a character design soon. I was thinking of a chibi-form character, but I still haven’t thought of a really nice design. =)

The third thing I’m happy/excited about is the despedida lunch for Ms. Chiaoco on Monday. Not that I’m excited for her leaving, mind you, but because I’d get to see my high school friends again. It’s been more than two months since I last saw them. With the exception of Rayzel, Frances, Hsiao, and Erika, of course. Hehehe.

Ugh, I still can’t get myself to sleep. It’s prolly the excitement. lol.