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plate aftermath.

Wow. I finally finished my first major plate without worrying too much as before. Having done my plate using Revit, I concentrated on my planning but ended up making my perspective and elevations quite bland. It could look like an office building. T.T But I’m very much satisfied with what I’ve done. Really. I mean, I (figuratively speaking) locked myself in the room for two weeks to work on my plate. I even had to replan everything last Sunday when I woke up in the morning. I’m quite sure it was God’s work on me that I was able to finish the plate on time. Usually I would have difficulty in planning, then last Sunday it felt like planning for the plate came so easy to me. It’s like, I was able to include in the floor plans my unwritten ideas… the “grand” lobby, the royal suite (which I somewhat made like a celebrity’s pad or something), the service floor. Everything, except for the restaurants. The restaurants were the last plans I made (which I did only this afternoon) so they were a bit crappy in my opinion. Haha.

Actually I was so worried I couldn’t get my drawings printed. The Microcadd branch at SM Centerpoint was no longer there. Either they’ve closed the branch or it’s undergoing renovation. Most of the shops in Centerpoint were undergoing renovations. T.T Printing the drawings straight from Revit produced very nice output, when compared to exporting the drawings to Autocadd. The solid fills wouldn’t print properly, so I had to figure out an alternative way to print my files.  I search through Revit’s Help but it didn’t help me entirely. XD I did a lot of trial and errors when I got home yesterday just to make sure there was something I could do. And I found an effective way to export my files. haha. Exporting them as images and adjusting the dpi could produce images very much similar to the drawings I created on Revit. Quite detailed and not pixelated at all. Nyahaha. Here is a resized photo of my exterior perspective. The original size exported by Revit was a whopping 9000 by 6000 pixels @_@. That’s only at 300 dpi, not even the maximum dpi allowed. But the files ended up printed well. XD

My computer had been abused for two weeks. At least it didn’t crash on me while using Revit, Autocad, Azureus / Vuze, YM and Windows Media all at the same time. XD I downloaded a lot of stuff while making my plate, which makes me a multi-tasker as usual. lol.

There’s simply so many things to blog about, but I’m not exactly in the mood to do it. My right arm and my shoulder have been abused as well. I’d better rest early for class tomorrow. Good thing there isn’t any homework to submit tomorrow. Again, must be God’s plans. XD



Wow, I’m actually blogging when I’m supposed to be studying for PLN. haha. My mind is still sleepy even though I’ve slept for, like, nine hours last night. I didn’t sleep a wink Friday night, was busy doing BT plate which we didn’t even submit to the professor. T_T And here I thought we were to pass it. *sigh*

I don’t exactly feel the pressure for Design. Yet. Hearing Keong share about his school life in PT made me realize how much of a slacker I really am. I mean, in one week’s time his accumulated sleeping hours amount to, what, barely five hours? And he’s taking in so much coffee that he would occasionally shake, and he says he lost five pounds in a week, which is not healthy at all. We’ve (Achi Rhea, Alder, and I) advised him to sleep this afternoon before resuming his normal (which aren’t really normal, in my POV) activities. Not sleeping for over two days makes me groggy and disoriented, I wonder what’ll happen if my schoolwork was as heavy as theirs? >.<



A few weeks into the semester and I’m already slacking off. XD I can feel the pressure of having to accomplish a lot of things in so little time, and yet… I’m not doing much to complete them. haha. I’m trying to balance out everything, doing a bit of work everyday to avoid cramming. If I need to write out an assignment, I do it the night before, or a few hours before the class. I’m kind of getting the hang of night classes. I try to be in bed before 2 A.M., wake up at around 8 or 9 in the morning to complete unfinished work, then attend classes in the afternoon and evening. I’m getting used to sleeping early that I can barely stay awake around 1 A.M. lol. At least I don’t have to keep the lights on when I do my assignments in the morning. XD

Note to self: study for AS and PLN – quiz on monday. T.T


I couldn’t fall back to sleep after discovering my brother was still using the computer at 4 am. lol. And I’m getting hungry~ XD There’s so much stuff I want to write about, but I can’t remember all of them. haha. What I do remember is that I’ve recently discovered a cousin, a second cousin actually, who also studies in UST. A batchmate in CFAD, who also happens to be Ramon Lianko’s classmate in Advertising. Small world, isn’t it? XD

And then, there’s also the time where I almost got stranded within UST, on the way to class… haha. I left home half an hour before my first class starts, thinking I can make it on time. It just rained lightly, so I never bothered to bring slippers or a change of clothes with me, considering my bag was already heavy as it is. So I went to ride the LRT-2, and I arrived at Legarda Station with a few minutes to spare. And then one of the worst news came upon me…. P. Noval was flooded. >.< And so, I let the pedicab driver bring me to the overpass, along with another UST student. Alas, the overpass area seemed to have been flooded as well, up to the first two steps of the bridge. What followed happened to be much worse than the earlier news, it’s much too embarassing for me to recount. haha. I’ll skip to what happened after entering the campus by the overpass gate. I arrived there, and found the pedestrian crossing to be flooded as well! As if the day couldn’t get any worse~! >.< The guards must’ve been the ones who set up the makeshift bridge–a bench, the covers of trash bins, and a chair. James, Catap, Franz, and Ria were in the area too, somewhat stranded I suppose. People from the other side were trying to cross to our side, and there were too many of them there. T_T When we got our chance to cross, we hurriedly did it because it was already past three, and it was still raining. We arrived late in class, a bit too wet for comfort. haha. At least I wasn’t as wet as I thought I would be. I hope I don’t forget to bring slippers the next time it rains, no matter how lightly. x.x

And then there’s also the hotel-hopping adventure last Wednesday. Trish had sent a text message, informing me of their plans to go to Makati for an ocular visit of the site the night before. Since it was already late and the meet-up was early in the morning, I opted not to sleep, keeping myself busy with research. I kind of lost track of time, and ended up arriving at Ministop a quarter of an hour late from the agreed meeting time. >.< We waited for Ria, who happened to be sick and decided not to go with us. And so we rode the bus going to Ayala, where I took a nap~ XD too sleepy to keep myself awake during the trip. When we arrived in Makati, we got off the bus and walked towards the proposed site. Well, it did look much of a parking lot—very much the same to the lot plan given in the handout. haha. Anyway, I couldn’t take many photos while at the site, since it wasn’t allowed. >.< We hung out a bit inside the parking lot’s canteen, deciding on what to do next, then headed out to Makati Shangri-La. Turns out we had to go cross at a pedestrian, which we couldn’t figure out which one, so we walked along the sides of Glorietta to reach the entrance of the hotel. What a long walk that was. XD But we were at least able to enter the hotel without a fuss. We arrived there, looked around the lobby for a bit, then went up to the mezzanine. There was some sort of a seminar by Sun Microsystems, so there were many people dressed up in smart casual to casual attire. We hung out at the restroom, which was extremely comfy… lol. Then we took a few photos by the balcony, like the delegates of the seminar were doing. One person even assumed we were attending the seminar! We subtly went to the restroom again, waited for a few minutes before leaving again. Then we left the hotel to have an early lunch at Glorietta.

We settled to east at Sizzlers. Hannah and JM joined us for lunch. The food at Sizzlers was great~ I loved the molo soup and the tenderloin. nyahaha. If there’s one thing I like about ocular visits, it’s eating at someplace nice. Really. I’m usually the homebody type of person, but when I get the opportunity to hang out at a mall, I like eating at restaurants I don’t usually eat at. Anyway, we were already eating when Saul, Christina, Oliver and Teddy passed by the restaurant. lol. Turns out Saul and Christina had breakfast at Makati Shang. XD The breakfast must’ve been quite expensive.

Then we returned to Makati Shang to acquire brochures, but we only got one or two small brochures, as compared to the full set Hannah and JM were able to get. XD Afterwards, we hung out at Anson’s for a bit, browsing through what the store has to offer. And hey, there was even an extremely huge tv… I forgot the size, but it costs about three million. O_O That much money could already buy you a house. lol. And then we went to Greenbelt’s Fully Booked, browsed through books. I wanted to buy a few, but I didn’t have much cash with me that day, so I couldn’t get anything.

And then we went to Manila Pen to meet up with Trisha’s parents. We were able to tour the hotel lobby and the lower floor, which is comprised of the boutiques and salon. We waited by the poolside until Trisha’s parents arrived. When we returned to the boutique, we chose some cakes we wanted to try out–I went for the napoleones. The chocolates…were simply expensive. haha.

We were all ready to go home when we went for a little sidetrip, Mandarin Oriental. We hadn’t planned on going there, but we ended up there. We toured the lobby and a bit of the upper floors. Hannah and I ended up visiting the restroom. lol. XD Then we waited for Trisha’s mom at the lobby, and headed home.

crappy day.

My day was fine until the ES3 exam. Didn’t get to finish half of the exam. Grrrrr. One hour isn’t enough to do moment distribution up to the fifth cycle. It’s funny how the professors expect us to even do the shear and moment diagrams with complete solutions.  Do they take us to be born mathematicians or something. I’m surely no Jeff Ty here. There should be a re-test of some sort. Or perhaps they can just cancel the final exams, same as last semester. 

Oh well. I’ll find out the results soon enough.

near dawn.

Taking another break from Design drafting, I’m still not feeling the usual pressure and worry when completing a plate. From what I still lack, I still have to complete 1/3 of the floor plan, 1/3 of the elevation, and 1/3 of the sectional, plus the concept explanation which I’m supposed to print on a short bond paper. So far I haven’t thought of how to begin the concept sheet. >.< Good thing I already mounted the other drawings on the board and even decorated the concept board with my paper-cutting. Just three and a half more hours to do the plate. Lesser time if I include preparation for school. x_x

I wonder how my classmates are doing with theirs. ahehehe.

midnight musings

It’s a quarter past midnight, and I’m still working on my Design spot perspectives. -_-;; Turns out I didn’t get to follow the “schedule” I made last week. I shouldn’t be slacking off, but I can’t help it. I’ve done my aerial and spot perspectives using Revit even though it’s not detailed. I just made the massing and drew over the perspectives I printed on short bond, adding entourage and details as I went along. Truth be told, I really suck at making perspectives. >.< It’s a good thing we were taught how to make a massing of a structure, I’ve gotten most of the work done using Revit. haha. And thus I’m not too pressured to complete everything today (yesterday, rather). There’s still, what, 30 hours left till the oral presentation. Yikes, feeling ko naman matatapos kaagad kahit wala pa akong na-draft na elev and section o diba. Hehe. I’d most probably start cramming and worrying if I don’t finish my aerial before 12 noon later. @_@

Ack… konting tiis nalang…. T.T  Just another bit of info. I heard the architectural and structural sections Oli and I made for BT was already the final exams. I haven’t verified it if it’s true, but if it is, good—there’s nothing for me to study on Tuesday. If it’s not, well—I’d have to cram for it as I usually do. Ahaha. Seriously, I hope the sections are the finals—pinaghirapan kong i-draft yun kasi *ehem ehem* may konti maraming mali sa ni-cadd ni Oli. But that’s okay, at least we managed to finish most detailings (kasi shempre kinopya ung ibang stuff sa classmates). lolz. XD

By the way, I just finished watching Jam Loey Rak (Defendant of Love) a few hours ago. Very nice, that’s all I can say. Wish ko lang may makilala akong guy na katulad ni Harit. ahahahaha. Everytime may rich guy sa napapanood kong drama, naaalala ko si Hsiao. Sabi kasi nya before gusto nya ung mga rich-guy type, di ko alam kung valid pa yun ngayon. lolz. =p wala lang, nakakatuwa kasi ung situation ni Harit sa drama. Hsiao, kung rich guy ang hanap mo, sana may makilala kang tulad ni Harit~ pearl farm and hotel owner, plus he owns a private island. San ka pa, diba?! Hihihi. In fairness maganda ung place kung saan nagshooting for the drama—yung bahay ni Harit sa private island nya and yung mansion nya sa Bangkok. Pati ung minimalist-modern residence nila Sansanee maganda. Gusto ko rin ng ganun. =p


Just a few more days till the start of summer~! ehehehe. I can’t wait until I can watch dramas to my heart’s content. lolz. XD I’m actually just taking a break from drafting my floor plan for Design (I’m getting lazy, as usual). ahehehe.

To tell you the truth, I’m doubting my ability in designing. I can’t come up with good plans and elevations, and I don’t know how to render the drawings properly. >.< For some reason, I can’t come up with a good reason to give up Architecture either. o_o All I can do at the moment is to hang on, continue what I do, and complete the requirements as much as I could. *sigh*

Anyway, on to more interesting things… I was able to squeeze into my “tight” schedule watching two Thai dramas: Klin Kaew Klang Jai (Orange Jasmine Scent) and Jam Loey Rak (Defendant of Love). I was actually curious about Klin Kaew because of the screenshots of the drama, plus the synopsis I found to resemble a bit of Filipino teleseryes. But the drama wasn’t anything similar to Filipino dramas. Klin Kaew featured very few characters, but the development of the story was good. Running at 37 episodes with about 30 minutes each episode, I was hooked to watching the entire series for two days. The opening and ending songs were nice, but I still haven’t figured out where to download them. -_-;;

Jae Loey Rak is also good, but some parts get a little boring. I’ve only watched up to episode 5, skipping some uninteresting stuff, but it seems to be a promisingly romantic drama. Running for 14 episodes at over an hour each, the romantic development appears to be quite slow. XD

Well, I’d better get back to work, I’ve already spent so much time on my floor plan that I haven’t started on my elevation and section when I told myself I can complete these drafting stuff in one day. Seems I overestimated my abilities. lol.

prelim day 2.

I’m getting lazy with blogging again. Being more of the spontaneous type of person, I like doing just whatever I feel like doing, and procrastinating has just become I habit I’ve learned these past weeks. I have two prelim exams today, but I’ve been surfing the Net for the past, what, four hours and I only managed to find a bit of info that could help me understand method of sections. And I don’t feel like reading my English textbook. I mean, like, who in our class would actually studying that book? o.O I’m assuming most people would be trying to figure out the entire method of sections topic instead of reading the English book. Miranda’s such a crappy prof—he’s not an effective lecturer despite his “niceness.” Really, I’d rather put up with Asuncion’s too-advanced and too-complicated explanation for easy topics than Miranda’s no-notes and weird teaching style.

*sigh* On to other things, our class’ float theme for the Archi week is Beauty and the Beast. I was like . Beauty and the Beast?? I love that movie. haha. I’m so excited that I actually browsed through several cosplay sites for Belle costumes. Adella‘s Belle costume was amazing that I sent a copy of her cosplay photos to our class president for costume reference. I also asked my mom if she knew any seamstress who makes ball gowns and fancy dresses, but she didn’t say if she knew anyone. An option suggested by my sister was to rent the dress from Camp Suki (the costume rental shop that’s on the same street as our house). I went there earlier today, but it was still closed. I might try going again later, or perhaps tomorrow if I don’t finish studying before 4. hehe. I was also able to browse through other Disney character costumes, and I came across Anastasia’s yellow dress with a blue sash costume. I then realized that I’ve never really thought Disney princess cosplays were popular. lol.

Anyway, I’d better get some studying done. It’ll be such a shame if I failed on my prelims just because I was surfing endlessly when I’m supposed to be studying. >.<


Eeeeeh. I’m beginning to get lazy with blogging no matter how much I would want to do it. I’m been spending much of my days reading e-books again, or just plain surfing, I’m not sure which one I do more. haha. But there’s so much I want to write about, which I’ll do in a while.

Actually, my first idea when I thought of blogging today was how insecure I am with almost everything. Well, more specifically with school-related issues. I’ve realized then and again that I’m not really as talented as people think I am. I mean, I’m fond of designing buildings, floor plans specifically, but I’m not exactly one who goes all-out-crazy-and-interesting with my designs. I’m not the über-studious type either. Nor am I good with rendering. And yet I’ve lasted five semesters with not-bad grades.

Then I realized that I’ve been too uptight and “obsessed” with maintaining good grades. I’ve seen people who couldn’t-care-less about their grades, and they all seem to be quite contented with it. So why can’t I be like them? Well, I honestly don’t know. I’ve been doing it (worrying about my grades) that I’ve gotten used to it. Even some of my closest friends are less uptight than I am, that if they received a grade lower than they expected, it seemed like everything was fine. But for me, getting less-than-perfect grades in quizzes is like a sign that “I didn’t study enough” or something like that, and I end up sulking for the most part of the day. Nobody said I had to have perfect grades, but of course my dad expects better-than-average. I’d already disappointed him for three consecutive semesters (excluding last sem), I wouldn’t want to disappoint him or anyone else for that matter.

Another thing I’d like to write about is what happened earlier today. I was sorely disappointed with people I consider as friends, for the petty (which wasn’t so petty at all when I arrived in school) thing that someone didn’t finish a simple 3D model I asked for. Didn’t seem much of a big deal until I arrived in school. Turns out we were expected to produce and submit four elevations and two sections. And because of the failure to complete the 3D model, we had to create the required drawings without the perspective. x_x Of course, I was half-expecting to at least have a massing to make the task easier, but we didn’t. And so we were pressed for time as we worked. Of course, I was peeved when we began working, but my irritation was less compared to what I felt this morning. “Forcing” myself to keep calm and not to think of things I might regret later on certainly made me feel better about it. There are just some things that a person can’t avoid, right? And this better be one of those things. I wouldn’t want to keep a guilty conscience for thinking ill of people. Hating people just isn’t my style. I’ve gotten along two decades without truly hating anyone, and I certainly wouldn’t start now. Of course, I’m still a bit frustrated that we weren’t able to submit a completely nice work, but we managed to produce somehow decent drawings, in my opinion. I just hope I’ll forget what happened today and I never have to feel bad about it ever again.

A third issue… argh. Crappy computer’s acquired tons of trojans and worms since last week, and a crashing Yahoo! Messenger are getting under my nerves. I certainly did nothing to the computer to make it run so slow and to cause YM to crash everytime I launch it, but I’m expected to clean the computer of the crappy trojans. It seems no one expect me cares that a computer should be kept malware-free. Hmmph.

Anyway, I’ve poured out most of my concerns for today. I think I’ll save the others next time. Hahaha. I want to get back to my e-book reading as I wait for Thea’s response about tomorrow’s “outing” to MoA. Haven’t seen the people (I mean my high school friends) for quite some time, and I’m feeling excited about tomorrow even though there’s still a plate I need to complete by this weekend. lolz.