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I actually want to write about a lot of stuff, but since I’m still on my sembreak, I just want to enjoy my free time doing anything without my dad scolding me. Haha! Well, I basically spent much of my break surfing the Net, going to malls to shop and hang out, attending conventions (including PICCA Fest and Komikon), reading comics and Japanese manga, downloading and watching Glee and 90210 Season 2, and so on. I’m having a blast, really. I wasn’t required to think about my thesis more than necessary–I still think about it every now and then, but at least it’s not the only thing occupying my mind. XD I barely gave a thought to it for the past two weeks, which is why I’m sure I’ve got my work cut out for me when I go back to school on Thursday. Oh well. At least I have time to enjoy my birthday, since classes will just have started by then. =p

Anyways, not writing on WP doesn’t mean I’ve nothing new to share. My multiply page have new albums, which I often put short descriptions of the event or activities. You can check out my multiply page to see the new photos (but you’ll have to be my contact in order to gain access–security reasons). =) Knowing full well that anything I post online can be accessed and seen by anyone, so I limit distribution to only my close friends, family, and acquaintances. I don’t want some unknown person claiming my works (especially the really nice practice shots) to be theirs. Plagiarism is a messy issue.

Anyway. An update on my thesis—I managed to get a few new data which I can add to the book–statistics and stuff. But I haven’t gotten around to editing my book. Perhaps tomorrow? I shall savor the remaining days of sembreak before I go back to the unpleasant, sleepless nights because of thesis. I’ve enrolled for three subjects this coming semester, so I guess I have more time to work on my thesis. Sadly, my GWA didn’t make it to 1.75, so I’ll have to say goodbye to my dream of graduating as cum laude. T.T Well, I never wanted to believe it so, but I suppose it’s better to accept it now than later. At least I have time to get accustomed to that fact. The only consolation I get is the knowledge that my semestral grade last sem was 1.36-something-something. It’s the highest semestral grade I ever got during my 4-1/2 years in college. XD Plus the fact that I got a flat 1.0 on Statistics–a Math subject! I was really surprised by that, but of course, I exerted extra effort on that. I even er–arbored my brother’s current Statistics book just to study the lessons. XD It was such a wonderful blessing to me, considering I’ve never really liked Math before. I realize now that graduating with honors is pretty much the same as graduating without–what matters is that I graduated, knowing I did the best I could, in the way I knew how. Well–that phrase sounds odd, even to me, but that’s exactly how I feel right now. Now I’ve only got two months left–if our thesis adviser would get her way–to work on my architectural drawings. I just hope I’ll survive through the next two months. XD


ideas, ideas, ideas.

Yet another absence of blog activity. Haha. I’m actually taking a break from thesis revisions, primarily because my brain’s not motivated enough to do work today. XD I managed to get a bit done though… the design philosophy and objectives I wrote seems to capture my ideals for my project. I just hope what I’ve written can be translated into a 3-dimensional structure. Getting a bit of work done in the most difficult aspect of designing–conceptual analysis–is a heady feeling. Really. It’s like… all the ideas stored at the back of my mind have finally decided to come forth. Like a “Eureka!” moment. Hahaha.

And despite all the rantings I’ve done on my thesis and the anxiousness I’m feeling right now because of the incomplete work I’ve done on my thesis book, I still feel happy. Happy because I’ve discovered many things throughout the production of my thesis, and that I’m continuously (endlessly) learning about so many things. Every time I read an article, new ideas just pop into my mind. And now there are so many of them that I couldn’t record or write them all down. Ah, such are the problems of an excessively lazy person. I have to bring a pen and a notebook with me at all times just so I have NO EXCUSE not to write my ideas down. XD

Anyway, I’d better get back to work. I’m hoping (yes, hoping) I could get at least the narrative work on chapter 7 done by tonight. And perhaps read a bit of literature for chapter 2. And complete the missing requirements in chapter 5.

Or I could simply stick to chapter 7 for now. *sigh*


It’s been a long time since my last post… I just couldn’t get away from all the assignments last week to write a short entry. >.< There are still so many things I need to do, but I just thought of blogging this morning before I start my projects. There are so many things I want to thank God for, even though things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to. First of all, I’m thankful that I passed my last AS quiz….75% (which is the passing mark). Out of two questions, I was able to answer one. haha. And I didn’t really need to copy my notes during that open-notes quiz. What was annoying during that time was that the professor assumed I was cheating–I was looking over at my seatmate’s notes because he was irritating me, asking me questions whether his notes were correct or not. And the professor saw me looking through my classmate’s notes. Like, duh, as if I needed to cheat from someone who didn’t even know which notes he needed to start answering the problem. Anyway, I still got the 25 points for one problem… the other—I forgot that the beam was cantilevered, and I used the wrong formula. But nevermind, I never really studied for that quiz. I did, but I wasn’t sure if I covered everything while I reviewed. Seems like I didn’t. XD

Next is the PLN project, in which we’ve just finished reporting last Thursday. Now that was a great load off my mind. Considering I wrote much data there and had Oli compile it while I was at the Ozine office for the weekend, I feel very relieved that we managed to complete it despite the lack of information at some point. People are telling me leave out my groupmates’ names in the final output, and I said I’d think about it. But there was nothing to think about, I couldn’t do that with my groupmates who had at least gone with me to the site. All they needed was a little big push, to do what they need to contribute.

LARCH group project was similar to PLN, description and analysis of the site we chose for our PLN project. This turned out a little easier although we had to go to the site again last Sunday for photographs. XD The output turned out fine, I guess.

Hmm, what else… the PP project is what I’m still working on. I’m still far from finished, just because I lack the text that I need to put in the brochure. >.< Well, I’ll have to finish the layout right away, otherwise I can’t work on my Design plans and LARCH Beato project. o.O

Well, gotta go back to work. It’ll be a really loooong day today.

final prelim day.


Wow, it seems I made it after all…. I finished my Interior prelims with six hours to spare. I had no plans of staying up all night, but I ended up doing that just because I was waiting for my final interior perspective to finish rendering while reading an e-book. Really, I want our processor upgraded to something better than the one we have now. Sketchup gets laggy when I put components in my 3d model, which annoys me to no end. It’s a good thing I finished collecting my swatches and two perspectives last week, which left me very little work to do last night. Technically, I’m done with the plate/prelims, but I’m itching to add some decor to the boards…. I got lazy and made handwritten sticker labels for my swatches instead of typing them in Word and printing them out, and thus resulted to a somewhat messy concept board. XD I feel so sleepy, I hope I don’t fall asleep during the Design prelims later. I almost fell asleep in front of the pc, while I was editing my perspective in Photoshop. @_@ lol.

prelims day one.

Hehe. I can’t believe I really took the exam with very little time to review. I used much of yesterday to work on my Interior plate that studying slipped from my mind. I’m cramming for a lot of stuff, since I’ve got a load of swatches to put on my concept board, some of them I haven’t even acquired. T.T So I’d have to take a trip sometime later or maybe tomorrow morning to get them. Labels for the photos and swatches have not been done as well…. *sighs* and I’m sleepy. @_@ I haven’t even drafted the floor plan and finished the 3rd perspective. And here I am blogging again. lol.

AS exam was…. unexpectedly easy at some parts. I passed the answer card feeling confident that I’ve done well, but hearing some classmates’ answer differing from mine… I’m having second thoughts if I’ve solved the problems correctly. haha. XD I only studied for the exam a mere hour before the scheduled prelims. As for PP, I barely read two pages from all the handouts that were given. I guessed most of my answers in that exam… and I’m hoping I get at least half of the total items correct in order to pass. hahaha. Three exams are scheduled tomorrow, so I’d better start studying. >.<

puffy eyes.

I soooo hate it when I wake up around the same time as my brothers. T_T They make so much noise in the morning that I can’t stay asleep. So I woke up, and immediately checked the computer if it has finished rendering my second interior perspective for my second plate in INT. And yeah, it’s finished~ although it didn’t look as good as the first one. But I don’t want to redo the rendering. It took over four hours—I started the rendering at two A.M. then went to sleep at half past three. And now… I’m quite groggy for having only three hours of sleep, and I’m not even cramming for a plate submission! x_x

I’m supposed to go to Manila Zoo today, to acquire the plans/drawings about the landscaping of the site, but my mom came over yesterday and told me I was to go with her to meet some cousins from the U.S. Once said, there was nothing much I could do about it… mom would pick me up at UST after I deal with getting the floor plans and elevations of the gymnasium today. And I hope I’d get what I requested. I spent much of my time writing the LOI last Saturday (it was handwritten) instead of listening to the professor give words of wisdom. Anyway, I delegated the task of going to Manila Zoo to Oli, he’s the group leader anyway… I’m sure he can handle it. XD I just don’t feel like taking on too much responsibilities this time around—I can’t stand the pressure. hahaha.

There are simply so many things I’ve to do, but I couldn’t keep track of all of them. Prelims are, like, a day a way and I haven’t started reviewing for anything. I just hope I can finish everything on time. Ack, I forgot about getting drapery and linen swatches… >.<


I realize there are a few more things I’m thankful to God for…. one of them was my making into the DL last semester, which I least expected. I always compute my GWA as soon as I see my grades, and I was too far from the 1.75 cut-off, so all the disappointment had been felt during the summer and I began to get over it. But then I heard the news that I was included in the DL, and I verified it from the bulletin board outside the Dean’s Office. XD And my name was really there~! I don’t know how the Dean’s Office computed my GWA, but 1.746 was the grade printed on the paper. Not that I’m complaining whatsoever, but it really came as a surprise to me. I felt so excited to tell my dad about it, I even claimed the Certificate of Merit given out to the Dean’s Listers today. Well, dad didn’t show the expression I wanted to see, nor did he give words of encouragement, but it was enough for me to give him the news that I made it into the DL. -_-;;

A second thing I’m thankful for is the grade I received for my first major plate in Design. I passed~! I actually felt scared while the professor spoke about the plate grades of our section, considering he mentioned that he was disappointed with the results. Many students failed, some barely passing. I almost didn’t want to see my grade, but I had to know if I passed or fail, so I claimed my plate. If there were no people in the classroom that time, I would’ve screamed in relief! I passed with a grade of 2.25~! XD Of course, I didn’t have expectations on what grade I’d get, so there was no disappointment with the grade. I’m happy enough with the results, since I know I did the best I could for that plate. Looked totally like a corporate building, but I couldn’t avoid it. There was simply not much I could add to the exterior design. lol.

The third one…. well, someone’s back. Of course, part of me is relieved that he’s back, but I don’t think anything will be the same again.

splash island.

If there’s something I learned today, it’s don’t go to school when it’s raining cats and dogs. Really. I encountered another episode of extreme flooding in school, and it’s not any fun at all.

I left home at half past two, considering I asked my dad to tell my uncle that I wanted to be drove to school. I rarely ask to be drove to school nowadays, since I’ve already gotten used to riding the LRT, but I didn’t want to get my uniform or my bag wet before I reach school. Thus the favor of having the driver bring me to UST. I wore flip-flops and my not-so-favorite pair of red pants, anticipating the fact that they’ll be wet when I get to school, and packed the pants that’s really part of my uniform in my backpack. Sadly, the lower portion of my pants got wet when I went out of the compound gate. A few minutes later, the driver picked me up and drove towards UST. My, my. Several meters past Welcome Rotonda, the flood could already be seen. We had to go on a detour, which took a looooong time, and I was growing anxious on whether I’d make it to school on time. I didn’t study for the quiz for PLN (although I wanted to), but then I didn’t feel up to the challenge of reading the handouts which I don’t really understand.

When we reached Lacson and turned right at Espana, lo and behold~! The so-called waterworld of Manila! I was too busy thinking of PLN and INT that I didn’t bother to take a photo of the waterworld. lol. I was dropped off near the corner of Espana and Lacson, and I walked towards the overpass gate. The water puddles didn’t look so dirty, but the flood waters obviously were. Eew. haha. I arrived at the overpass gate, and it felt like deja vu….. UST campus was flooded as well, just like what happened around June. I saw Byron by the gate, then Teddy, Allen and Saul. Wow, talk about stranded. There was nowhere to go—the other end of the overpass was flooded, the campus entrances were flooded. We can’t attend the class when we can’t even enter the campus!

And so Allen and Teddy opted to go home instead of attending class. Of course, I didn’t want to remain stranded so I went along with them. We saw a lot of cockroaches coming out from the manholes (?) along the sidewalk. Ick. *shivers* We rode the pedicab all the way to Legarda station, then rode the train home. Walking around with the lower part of my pants and my feet wet is certainly not an experience I look forward to in the future. Hopefully I wouldn’t make the same mistake of going to school when it’s raining hard to avoid further uncomfortable experiences. XD

archinet ga.

Archinet members~! GA is tomorrow, 8 A.M. at the Beato AVR. See you there!

Being away from home for a mere…what, twenty four hours has left me positively disoriented or something. I brought a load of stuff for me to do while I’m away, and yet I failed to complete whatever I needed to do. Not that I don’t appreciate the break, but soon after returning home, I am most definitely feeling the school pressure once again. I’ve left the responsibility of leading the group in Planning to someone else, but I can’t seem to get the work to be done out of my head. It’s like… worrying for something that’s not my task. Old habits die hard, don’t they? T_T

But the break from all the school stress was good, I suppose. Although I couldn’t sit still and slack off last night, there were moments wherein I felt like I was some sort of a princess (oh please, never in my wildest dreams had I imagined myself to be one, except this morning), with someone catering to what I needed my mom thought I needed. It was never that way at home, but I don’t feel very comfortable with someone hovering about, taking care of things I can do by myself. But what I find very interesting was that, no matter how people may view the current situation, I’m glad to have mom with me yesterday. Initially planning to have her drop me off at MC Home Depot, she suggested taking me someplace else and inviting me to stay overnight at her house. She mentioned going to MC Home Depot at Fort Bonifacio, but we ended up going at Ortigas Home Depot. I admit, without her yesterday I wouldn’t have acquired several swatches I needed for Interior. She chatted with the store people while I freely looked around. Something I wouldn’t be able to do had I been alone. But of course, mom didn’t leave the stores without giving the people hopes that I’d order their products. I even had to leave my contact details to one store, but my mom gave out her number instead of mine. I know the story’s quite… well, unimportant, but I’d seen through mom’s acts that she’s still very much concerned with what we do.

And I feel like I’m mommy’s little princess once again. My mom would often bring me to malls or someplace to shop (thus my shopaholic tendencies), buying me clothes, shoes… just whatever she thinks is cute. Oh my, just remembering all the clothes she’s purchased… I’d say her taste in fashion definitely was imparted to me. XD But I didn’t like everything she saw pretty—I developed my own taste in that. I’d often select stuff that were simple and casual, whilst mom would choose what’s “in” during those days. But what I liked back then that I don’t like very much today… it’s make-up. I tell you, I can’t stand the stuff on my face. Except during performances and parties. Those are the only times I tolerate that thing. XD And for two decades (ack, am I really that old? XD), I still haven’t learned the basics to applying those stuff. haha. And I can’t believe my mom still remembers I designed (note: past tense) clothes. I’d like to design a few outfits, but I don’t think I have as much leisure time as I want nowadays. Anyway, mom had a few clothing sewn by her cousin, and now she’s telling me to design anything I want, because her cousin is a good dressmaker and can sew anything I want. XD Now that’s some good news… I’d been looking for a seamstress to sew a few costumes for conventions (even though I’m not sure I can pull off wearing those costumes). lol.

Well, there goes my ranting entry for the day. I feel a whole lot better, now that I’ve gotten that off my silly, preoccupied mind. I can finally get back to working on numerous projects I need to finish by Friday. x_x I am so dead if I can’t finish Interior by Friday night. Oh right, there’s also the BT5 plate we (our class) promised our professor to finish by 8am. I think I’d better get started now. XD