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sawan biang.

Nyaaaaa~ i finally got to finish the last half of the final episode of Sawan Biang. XD the latter part of the episode was very nice… the point where Kawee proposed to Narin…. *dreamy sigh* very nice, indeed. But what happened after was so-so. Leela left Worawath House, then a small “conference” with the friends. And a final scene between Kawee and Narin. Cute. XD hahaha.

Overall, Sawan Biang is a nice drama. I’m definitely adding this to my drama collection. Now if the subber would just post download links for the videos…….



Just a few more days till the start of summer~! ehehehe. I can’t wait until I can watch dramas to my heart’s content. lolz. XD I’m actually just taking a break from drafting my floor plan for Design (I’m getting lazy, as usual). ahehehe.

To tell you the truth, I’m doubting my ability in designing. I can’t come up with good plans and elevations, and I don’t know how to render the drawings properly. >.< For some reason, I can’t come up with a good reason to give up Architecture either. o_o All I can do at the moment is to hang on, continue what I do, and complete the requirements as much as I could. *sigh*

Anyway, on to more interesting things… I was able to squeeze into my “tight” schedule watching two Thai dramas: Klin Kaew Klang Jai (Orange Jasmine Scent) and Jam Loey Rak (Defendant of Love). I was actually curious about Klin Kaew because of the screenshots of the drama, plus the synopsis I found to resemble a bit of Filipino teleseryes. But the drama wasn’t anything similar to Filipino dramas. Klin Kaew featured very few characters, but the development of the story was good. Running at 37 episodes with about 30 minutes each episode, I was hooked to watching the entire series for two days. The opening and ending songs were nice, but I still haven’t figured out where to download them. -_-;;

Jae Loey Rak is also good, but some parts get a little boring. I’ve only watched up to episode 5, skipping some uninteresting stuff, but it seems to be a promisingly romantic drama. Running for 14 episodes at over an hour each, the romantic development appears to be quite slow. XD

Well, I’d better get back to work, I’ve already spent so much time on my floor plan that I haven’t started on my elevation and section when I told myself I can complete these drafting stuff in one day. Seems I overestimated my abilities. lol.


Getting a little bored this week, I opted to watch asian dramas and movies I’ve always wanted to see.


Daddy Long Legs – a romantic but sad movie about two people falling in love. I got confused at the latter part of the story, but it all made sense at the end. *sigh* if only…

The Perfect Couple – just a little funny. Not your typical comedy kmovie, but Lee Dong-wook’s the redeeming factor. lol.

My Wife is a Gangster 3 – very nice. good thing they have Shu Qi in this movie.

Marrying the Mafia 1 – it’s was fine with some funny scenes.

Marrying the Mafia 2 – this is a whole lot better than the first movie. watch it and you’ll know why.


Kaew Tah Pee – great romantic comedy drama~! i :heart: Tik and Cherry~! they look so cute together. Cherry seems to resemble Marian Rivera and Jill Hsu at some angles for some reason. Tik is simply cute! XD

Taming of the Shrew – very funny drama. quite inspiring, too. Chae Rim gives an excellent performance as an actress, the same way she did in Love at the Aegean Sea.

it just started.

I just might go crazy~! The first episode of It Started with a Kiss 2 has just been aired recently~!!!!! Aaaaaack! Opening palang super excited and kinikilig na ako! hahahahaha! Nyaaaa~ Joe Cheng!!! XD

Living the dream.

Nodame Cantabile live action is a must-see jdrama, especially for people who like classical music. It tells of an inspiring story of two persons with totally opposite personalities yet share the passion for music as they pursue their dreams. The comedy part I didn’t like at first, but I came to tolerate the corny-at-times humor. What made me continue watching the drama was that the guy who played Chiaki is really cute, and the music (ah~ classical music) was very nice, especially when the orchestra was playing. I didn’t understand the plot at first, but as I watched the episodes, I came to comprehend the underlying themes (or something like that).

I’d rate this drama 10 out of 10. Really worth watching, I tell you. ^^v