Okay, I shall spare myself from the autograph-style of describing myself. XD I’m currently a 5th year architecture student at the University of Santo Tomas, taking up BS in Architecture. I’m in animé and manga, and bit of MMORPG (although I don’t play as often as I used to).

My current anime-manga addiction is Skip Beat! (which was introduced to me by my friend China), because it’s the first anime and manga I’ve encountered that focused on acting. I actually love performing arts (mainly dancing and theatre/acting), so the story really captured my attention. Of course, the cute Tsuruga Ren also managed to catch my attention. hahaha. XD

I like watching TV (even if I seldom watch during school days), surfing the Internet, some cooking and baking (the latter I rarely do so now… there’s no one to prepare my oven. haha), reading and collecting romance novels and Beerkada comics, and painting.

People describe me to be more of an introvert (which I am, most of the time), but when I’m with my close friends, I tend to be a little more loud and talkative than usual. I admit to being shy around people who are just acquaintances to me, so I really don’t talk much. XD hehehe.