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style and labels.

I was surfing through fashion pages when I came across an article about a simple mom writing about her Prada shopping experience. Of course, I got a little curious how she did her writing while standing in a fitting room room with mirrors on all four sides (I’m thinking she’s using a smartphone or something, not a pen and paper). As I read along, she recounts how she got into the situation, and how she fared in the shopping spree. Well, I must admit the shopping experience was priceless, at any rate. I mean, which apparel shop would offer you cappuccino the moment you step into the store? And I doubt I’d spend two hours in a single store just to decide which clothing to buy.

As the writer relates her experiences in wearing expensive clothing, shoes (Manolo Blahnik—a brand I only discovered through Sorority Life in FB, haha), and bag (she bought a $1,500 Louis Vuitton bag), I realized that the writer was simply confirming some of my own ideas about wearing labels/branded stuff. Most people (well, I’m referring to the middle-class people) notice first the style or design of what you wear, not the brand itself (sad, isn’t it?). But of course, that applies to stuff that don’t have the brand name plastered all over it. People can’t tell if you’re wearing Mango, Zara, Liz Claiborne unless you show them the label or something.

Then there’s also the additional burden of being cautious whenever you carry around highly-expensive stuff, for fear of being a victim of theft. You can’t be absent-minded, since you know exactly the value of those stuff you buy. One can feel wealthy and modish wearing clothing from stylish brands, but I find turning inexpensive pieces into a fine and smashing outfit to be more interesting.

If you’re interested in reading Kyran Pittman’s article, here’s a link to it:  Splurging for Fashion.


theme songs and movies.

I’m not really into trendy music (by that I mean songs that have become mainstream now), so I don’t know what new singles are out there right now. After having seen The Sorcerer’s Apprentice a few weeks back, the theme song “Secrets” by OneRepublic remains in my head. The nice tune and lyrics really got me hooked to the song.

Somehow I find it interesting that theme songs (or any song in the OST) can somehow make or break a movie. If the theme song is memorable, people would most likely associate the song with the film, thereby never letting people forget the movie. So far, I can remember a few movies (most are my favorites) just because I find the theme songs memorable—Anastasia, Beauty and the Beast, If Only, Sound of Music, The Phantom of the Opera, 13 Going on 30—and the list goes on. And I’d like to think it works the other way around, too—that songs have become memorable just because of a movie I’ve seen.