I have been an online shopper for, what, two years? Mind you, I don’t shop very often… just once or twice a year. And I shop at only one website anyway.  But when I came across the Shopwiki website a few minutes ago, I find their website quite interesting. It’s not at all the same with the website where I buy my stuff. Shopwiki has a clean and no-nonsense webpage design (which I appreciate, considering I prefer minimalistic designs); it loads quickly because of it. And oh~ so many photos of the items being sold. And so many available items! Books, clothes, arts and crafts, music, among others. =) There are even DVDS of Japanese animés and manga boxed sets!

Being the art-enthusiast that I am, I immediately clicked on the Arts and Crafts section, and saw a selection of items on Ink Art (under Drawing category). I suddenly remembered the time when I tried Chinese brush painting at a summer class a few years back. Although I’m not very good at it, I still hope to get myself a set of brush and ink (and the appropriate paper to go along with that). Soon. Just…. not at the moment. Hahaha. I am trying to hold on to my New Year’s resolution of not spending on things I do not need right now. Perhaps when I find a job after graduation. XD I’ll just add a brush and ink set to my wishlist for 2010!

The Knit Scarves also happened to catch my eye. There are some items showing actual knitted items and books on how to knit. I remember I’ve tried knitting for a time when I was younger, but alas, I couldn’t get past a single chain. Not that I was bad at it that I decided to stop. The Internet had yet to exist when I tried my hand on it, therefore I had very limited resources on how to learn to do it properly. I’m thinking of trying it again this year, primarily because I wanted to make my own scarf (and perhaps some for my family and friends too–if I can). It’s quite rare for someone who lives in the city–like me–to find a really nice and comfy scarf in malls. But then again, should I fail to make a decent scarf, there’s always Shopwiki. Ooooh~ I see a nice, blue scarf from Forzieri. Tsk. I hope I can someday shop online and not worry about custom duties whatnot. XD

I find Shopwiki (on overall) a really nice place to shop online–the items link to the seller’s website, in case the buyer would like to see more information and photos of a specific item. There are even pages dedicated for guides in buying specific items, like Digital Cameras. I think this is the first time I’ve seen an online shopping site have that kind of feature. Browsing through the page on cameras and accessories, I just remembered to include a camera tripod for my wishlist. And a Nikon DSLR. It is a wishlist anyway.

Things/items are categorized properly, and searches can be made using keywords (that’s in case you don’t know in which category the item you want belongs to). The prices of items are shown according to several sellers’ offers, so the buyer can proceed to whichever seller has the lowest price for the item. If I were the Becky Bloomwood sort of shopaholic, plus a Luke Brandon partner, I just might go online shopping right now.