Yet another absence of blog activity. Haha. I’m actually taking a break from thesis revisions, primarily because my brain’s not motivated enough to do work today. XD I managed to get a bit done though… the design philosophy and objectives I wrote seems to capture my ideals for my project. I just hope what I’ve written can be translated into a 3-dimensional structure. Getting a bit of work done in the most difficult aspect of designing–conceptual analysis–is a heady feeling. Really. It’s like… all the ideas stored at the back of my mind have finally decided to come forth. Like a “Eureka!” moment. Hahaha.

And despite all the rantings I’ve done on my thesis and the anxiousness I’m feeling right now because of the incomplete work I’ve done on my thesis book, I still feel happy. Happy because I’ve discovered many things throughout the production of my thesis, and that I’m continuously (endlessly) learning about so many things. Every time I read an article, new ideas just pop into my mind. And now there are so many of them that I couldn’t record or write them all down. Ah, such are the problems of an excessively lazy person. I have to bring a pen and a notebook with me at all times just so I have NO EXCUSE not to write my ideas down. XD

Anyway, I’d better get back to work. I’m hoping (yes, hoping) I could get at least the narrative work on chapter 7 done by tonight. And perhaps read a bit of literature for chapter 2. And complete the missing requirements in chapter 5.

Or I could simply stick to chapter 7 for now. *sigh*