Hehe. I can’t believe I really took the exam with very little time to review. I used much of yesterday to work on my Interior plate that studying slipped from my mind. I’m cramming for a lot of stuff, since I’ve got a load of swatches to put on my concept board, some of them I haven’t even acquired. T.T So I’d have to take a trip sometime later or maybe tomorrow morning to get them. Labels for the photos and swatches have not been done as well…. *sighs* and I’m sleepy. @_@ I haven’t even drafted the floor plan and finished the 3rd perspective. And here I am blogging again. lol.

AS exam was…. unexpectedly easy at some parts. I passed the answer card feeling confident that I’ve done well, but hearing some classmates’ answer differing from mine… I’m having second thoughts if I’ve solved the problems correctly. haha. XD I only studied for the exam a mere hour before the scheduled prelims. As for PP, I barely read two pages from all the handouts that were given. I guessed most of my answers in that exam… and I’m hoping I get at least half of the total items correct in order to pass. hahaha. Three exams are scheduled tomorrow, so I’d better start studying. >.<