I soooo hate it when I wake up around the same time as my brothers. T_T They make so much noise in the morning that I can’t stay asleep. So I woke up, and immediately checked the computer if it has finished rendering my second interior perspective for my second plate in INT. And yeah, it’s finished~ although it didn’t look as good as the first one. But I don’t want to redo the rendering. It took over four hours—I started the rendering at two A.M. then went to sleep at half past three. And now… I’m quite groggy for having only three hours of sleep, and I’m not even cramming for a plate submission! x_x

I’m supposed to go to Manila Zoo today, to acquire the plans/drawings about the landscaping of the site, but my mom came over yesterday and told me I was to go with her to meet some cousins from the U.S. Once said, there was nothing much I could do about it… mom would pick me up at UST after I deal with getting the floor plans and elevations of the gymnasium today. And I hope I’d get what I requested. I spent much of my time writing the LOI last Saturday (it was handwritten) instead of listening to the professor give words of wisdom. Anyway, I delegated the task of going to Manila Zoo to Oli, he’s the group leader anyway… I’m sure he can handle it. XD I just don’t feel like taking on too much responsibilities this time around—I can’t stand the pressure. hahaha.

There are simply so many things I’ve to do, but I couldn’t keep track of all of them. Prelims are, like, a day a way and I haven’t started reviewing for anything. I just hope I can finish everything on time. Ack, I forgot about getting drapery and linen swatches… >.<