I realize there are a few more things I’m thankful to God for…. one of them was my making into the DL last semester, which I least expected. I always compute my GWA as soon as I see my grades, and I was too far from the 1.75 cut-off, so all the disappointment had been felt during the summer and I began to get over it. But then I heard the news that I was included in the DL, and I verified it from the bulletin board outside the Dean’s Office. XD And my name was really there~! I don’t know how the Dean’s Office computed my GWA, but 1.746 was the grade printed on the paper. Not that I’m complaining whatsoever, but it really came as a surprise to me. I felt so excited to tell my dad about it, I even claimed the Certificate of Merit given out to the Dean’s Listers today. Well, dad didn’t show the expression I wanted to see, nor did he give words of encouragement, but it was enough for me to give him the news that I made it into the DL. -_-;;

A second thing I’m thankful for is the grade I received for my first major plate in Design. I passed~! I actually felt scared while the professor spoke about the plate grades of our section, considering he mentioned that he was disappointed with the results. Many students failed, some barely passing. I almost didn’t want to see my grade, but I had to know if I passed or fail, so I claimed my plate. If there were no people in the classroom that time, I would’ve screamed in relief! I passed with a grade of 2.25~! XD Of course, I didn’t have expectations on what grade I’d get, so there was no disappointment with the grade. I’m happy enough with the results, since I know I did the best I could for that plate. Looked totally like a corporate building, but I couldn’t avoid it. There was simply not much I could add to the exterior design. lol.

The third one…. well, someone’s back. Of course, part of me is relieved that he’s back, but I don’t think anything will be the same again.