Being away from home for a mere…what, twenty four hours has left me positively disoriented or something. I brought a load of stuff for me to do while I’m away, and yet I failed to complete whatever I needed to do. Not that I don’t appreciate the break, but soon after returning home, I am most definitely feeling the school pressure once again. I’ve left the responsibility of leading the group in Planning to someone else, but I can’t seem to get the work to be done out of my head. It’s like… worrying for something that’s not my task. Old habits die hard, don’t they? T_T

But the break from all the school stress was good, I suppose. Although I couldn’t sit still and slack off last night, there were moments wherein I felt like I was some sort of a princess (oh please, never in my wildest dreams had I imagined myself to be one, except this morning), with someone catering to what I needed my mom thought I needed. It was never that way at home, but I don’t feel very comfortable with someone hovering about, taking care of things I can do by myself. But what I find very interesting was that, no matter how people may view the current situation, I’m glad to have mom with me yesterday. Initially planning to have her drop me off at MC Home Depot, she suggested taking me someplace else and inviting me to stay overnight at her house. She mentioned going to MC Home Depot at Fort Bonifacio, but we ended up going at Ortigas Home Depot. I admit, without her yesterday I wouldn’t have acquired several swatches I needed for Interior. She chatted with the store people while I freely looked around. Something I wouldn’t be able to do had I been alone. But of course, mom didn’t leave the stores without giving the people hopes that I’d order their products. I even had to leave my contact details to one store, but my mom gave out her number instead of mine. I know the story’s quite… well, unimportant, but I’d seen through mom’s acts that she’s still very much concerned with what we do.

And I feel like I’m mommy’s little princess once again. My mom would often bring me to malls or someplace to shop (thus my shopaholic tendencies), buying me clothes, shoes… just whatever she thinks is cute. Oh my, just remembering all the clothes she’s purchased… I’d say her taste in fashion definitely was imparted to me. XD But I didn’t like everything she saw pretty—I developed my own taste in that. I’d often select stuff that were simple and casual, whilst mom would choose what’s “in” during those days. But what I liked back then that I don’t like very much today… it’s make-up. I tell you, I can’t stand the stuff on my face. Except during performances and parties. Those are the only times I tolerate that thing. XD And for two decades (ack, am I really that old? XD), I still haven’t learned the basics to applying those stuff. haha. And I can’t believe my mom still remembers I designed (note: past tense) clothes. I’d like to design a few outfits, but I don’t think I have as much leisure time as I want nowadays. Anyway, mom had a few clothing sewn by her cousin, and now she’s telling me to design anything I want, because her cousin is a good dressmaker and can sew anything I want. XD Now that’s some good news… I’d been looking for a seamstress to sew a few costumes for conventions (even though I’m not sure I can pull off wearing those costumes). lol.

Well, there goes my ranting entry for the day. I feel a whole lot better, now that I’ve gotten that off my silly, preoccupied mind. I can finally get back to working on numerous projects I need to finish by Friday. x_x I am so dead if I can’t finish Interior by Friday night. Oh right, there’s also the BT5 plate we (our class) promised our professor to finish by 8am. I think I’d better get started now. XD